Volumes of natural gas imported to Armenia in 2022 made 2,599.6 million cubic meters

In January- December 2022, the volumes of natural gas imported to Armenia were increased by 6.1% compared to the same period of 2021, making 2,599.6 million cubic meters.

During the mentioned period, 2,455.1 million cubic meters of natural gas were sold to gas consumers against 2,357.8 million cubic meters in 2021.

In January-December of last year, the volumes of natural gas consumption in the energy and industrial sectors made 502.9 and 296.5 million cubic meters, respectively.

The volumes of natural gas consumption by the population made 812.1 million cubic meters and those sold to CNG refueling stations — 504.8 million cubic meters.

The volumes of natural gas sold to other consumers made 338.8 million cubic meters.
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