— Creation of the sector. Creation of Yersjijgaz. Start of gasification on liquefied hydrocarbon gas.

— Design of gas pipelines;

— Personnel preparation;

— Creation of controlling point of main gas pipelines of Yerevan;

— In 1958 gas sector of the Republic of Armenia was controlled by the Office (in future-Office General) of gasification. At the same time Armenian branch of Transcaucasus Office of main gas pipelines was formed. It was under the supervision of the Ministry of gas industry of the USSR. In future the branch was dissolved and production association Armtransgas was formed.


— Start of construction of main gas pipelines Karadag-Akstafa-Tbilisi-Yerevan (856 km), Kazakh-Yerevan (180 km).

— Creation of construction-installation departments in Ijevan, Dilijan.

Creation of construction-installation departments in Ijevan, Dilijan

Creation of construction-installation departments in Ijevan, Dilijan


— Creation of the General Office of gasification of Armenia, gas system of Yerevan, regional exploitation centers of gas industry, trust «Yerevanstroy».

— In February 12, 1960 on the central square of Yerevan, the first natural gas torch was lighted. During the first year of gasification natural gas facility was connected with 16 industrial organizations, 25 boilers and 1270 apartments.

Annual volume of gas consumption in 1960 made 112 million cubic meters.

The first natural gas torch was lighted in Yerevan

The first natural gas torch was lighted in Yerevan

— Construction of gas distribution station (GDS-1) in Yerevan.

— Intensive construction of gas pipelines-branches connected to cities and regional centers, to street and in-house gas distribution networks.


— Start of gasification of industrial organizations, communal-household objects, houses of state and private houses. For the first time usage of gas in boiler rooms was realized.

Gas usage in boiler rooms

Gas usage in boiler rooms

—Construction of gas filling stations of liquefied gas in Yerevan.


— Construction of the main gas pipeline Ordzhonikidze-Tbilisi for transferring natural gas to the Republics of Transcaucasus.

— In 1963 new main gas pipeline was created: Kirovakan-Leninakan (now Vanadzor-Gyumri) with the length of 58 km and bandwidth of 4.37 million cubic meters per year.

— In 1964 new main gas pipeline Red Bridge-Alaverdi with the length of 55 km and bandwidth of 4.4 million cubic meters per year was constructed.

Large industrial centers started using natural gas.


— Construction of gas pipeline Yerevan-Oktemberyan-Leninakan, formation of the Western ring Yerevan-Armavir-Gyumri-Vanadzor.

— Continuation of the construction of gas pipeline-branches connected to the cities, regional centers and localities of Armenia.

— Construction and start of exploitation of underground gas storage facility (UGSF). First underground container started being exploited with the volume of 380 thousand cubic meters.

— Creation of the Office of main gas pipelines in Kirovakan.


— In 1975 delivery of Iranian natural gas began with the volume of 3.08 billion cubic meters.

— Construction of additional compression centers on the main gas pipeline Ordzhonikidze-Saguramo.

— Resolution of the issue of gas supply in the region Zangezur, through construction of the main gas pipeline Evlakh-Goris-Nakhichevan. Creation of PS Armtransgaz.

— Development of gas distribution networks, increase in the level of gasification.

— Construction of the main gas pipeline Evlakh-Goris-Nakhichevan (79.3 km).


—Termination of Iranian gas supply to Armenia;

—Adoption of governmental measures for providing natural gas delivery to the countries of Transcaucasus.


—Creation of the main gas pipeline Mozdok-Kazi-Magomed with the aim to increase the volume of natural gas which reaches the country.

—Reformation of the General Office of gasification into the Governmental Committee of Gasification, PS Armtransgaz into PS Armgazprom.


— Expansion and reconstruction of the system of gas pipelines of Novopskov-Aksay-Mozdok with the diameter of 1200 mm and length of 617 km with the aim to increase the bandwidth of gas supply to the countries of Transcaucasus.

— Construction of the first gas filling station in Yerevan;

— Cars start using liquefied gas;

— Construction of the gas pipeline Goris-Kapan-Kadzharan and pipeline-branches of Goris, Sisian, Kapan in 1983.

— Construction of the main gas pipeline Ilchevsk (Nakhichevan ASSR)-Yerevan with the length of 86.6 km in 1984.

— Construction of the gas pipeline-branch in Ashtarak in 1985.


—Expansion of gas pipeline networks with the aim of gasification of cities and regional centers: around Sevan lake, regions of Aparan, Zangezur, Vay and others.

—8 wells of underground gas storage were transferred under exploitation, with the volume of gas storage of 1 million cubic meters.

—The second line of gas pipeline is being constructed: Sevan-Jermuk-gas pipelines Aparan-Kuchak, Vayk-Eghegnadzor


—Rescuing and renovating operations due to the earthquake in Armenia;

—Construction of new gas distributing networks and exploiting bases of gas industry.

—Gas pipeline Ashtarak-Aparan and a pipeline-branch to Gyumri is being constructed.

—Committee of gasification is reformed into industrial organization — PS Armgaz.

Up to 1990s about 1768 km of main gas pipelines were constructed, as well as 55 gas distributing stations. Regarding the level of gasification, Armenia was placed on one of the leading positions among other republic of the USSR: in cities it was 82.6%, in rural areas — 83.3%.


— Due to the conflict in the region gas supply to the country was ceased.

— Suspension of construction of new gas pipelines and related facilities.

— Conservation of the main part of gas supply system.

— Start of usage of traditional types of fuel (hard coal, wood, kerosene and diesel fuel). Part of the population started using liquefied gas.


— In 1992 through unification of PS Armgaz and PS Armgazprom new state enterprise Armgaztoplivo was created, which in the same year was renamed into the state enterprise of specific significance Armgaz, then — into the state enterprise Armgazprom. In 1994 state enterprise Armgazprom became state trust.

Roland Adonts

Roland Adonts

— Construction of new wing of gas pipeline with the length of 181 km through Georgia for the restart of gas supply.

— In 1993 new gas pipeline Red Bridge — North Kar-Berd with the length of 61.8 km was created.

— From the end of 1993 start of gas supply to special objects, which had strategic significance, began.

— In 1995 gas supply to the objects which had important role in national economy restarted.

— In 1996 gasification particularly important objects began.

— In 1995–1996 in the framework of the programs of USAID and TACIS with the participation of GAZ de France and consortium Snamprogetti exploration of gas transmission and gas distribution systems took place. At the same time exploration of production industries which focused on the equipment production happened. Moreover, practical offers on rehabilitation of gas supply system were proposed.


— The Ministry of energy of the Republic of Armenia approved the program of renovation of country’s gas supply system.

— Creation of CJSC ArmRosgazprom on the basis of Forming Agreement from August 30th 1997, acting law of the Republic of Armenia, according to the agreement between the government of Armenia and OCJS Gazprom signed in Moscow on January 18th 1997 «About negotiations in construction and exploitation of gas pipelines on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, transit of Russian natural gas through the territory of the Republic of Armenia, energy production and its transit to third countries».

Central office of CJSC ArmRosgazprom

Central office of CJSC ArmRosgazprom

— Restoration of gas pipeline systems;

— Restart of gas supply to residential buildings;

—I nstallation of household gas counters;

— Installation of industrial gas counters;

— Installation of polyethylene pipes during the restart of gas supply to residential buildings in Yerevan.


— Realization of the program «Restoration of gas supply and gasification»;

— Expansion of the market of gas consumption;

— Modernization of systems, installation of contemporary technologies;

— Further diversification of activity through participation in prospective energy projects both in Armenia and in the region.


— Construction and start of exploitation of Armenian part of gas pipeline Iran-Armenia.

During the opening ceremony of Armenian part of gas pipeline «Iran-Armenia»

During the opening ceremony of Armenian part of gas pipeline «Iran-Armenia»


— Acquisition, construction and modernization of the 5th energy unit of Hrazdan’s TPS. In 2006 between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and OJSC Gazprom an agreement was signed. The agreement underlined that CJSC ArmRosgazprom would buy the assets of the 5th energy unit of Hrazdan’s TPS with the obligation to complete its construction and modernization.

5th energy unit of Hrazdan’s TPS

5th energy unit of Hrazdan’s TPS


Implementation of mass installation of alarm devices of combustible gases and emergency shut-off valves in residential multi-storey buildings during _ gasification and gas supply to in-house systems of gas consumption.

— From January 2012 connection of the 5th energy unit of Hrazdan TPS to the energy system of the Republic of Armenia.


— In December start of industrial exploitation of the 5th energy unit of Hrazdan’s TPS took place.

A. Miller, V. Golubev, V.Harutyunyan

A. Miller, V. Golubev, V.Harutyunyan

— In December Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Government of Russian Federation about the conditions of stocks sale and following operation of the CJSC ArmRosgazprom was signed.

Signing of the treaty of sale of 20% shares of CJSC ArmRosgazprom

Signing of the treaty of sale of 20% shares of CJSC ArmRosgazprom


— In January OJSC Gazprom and the Ministry of energy and natural resources of the Republic of Armenia signed the treaty of sale of 20% shares of CJSC Gazprom Armenia.

— CJSC ArmRosgazprom officially was renamed into CJSC Gazprom Armenia.


— In April insertion of the capsule into the foundation of educational-sport center in administrative district Avan.

Chairman of the Management Committee of PJSC «Gazprom» Alexey Miller and Chairman of the Management Committee — General Director CJSC «Gazprom Armenia» Vardan Harutyunyan participate in the ceremony of capsule insertion into the foundation of educational-sport complex.

Chairman of the Management Committee of PJSC «Gazprom» Alexey Miller and Chairman of the Management Committee — General Director CJSC «Gazprom Armenia» Vardan Harutyunyan participate in the ceremony of capsule insertion into the foundation of educational-sport complex.


— Start of construction of educational-sport complex.

Construction site of educational-sport complex

Construction site of educational-sport complex


— Educational-sport complex CJSC Gazprom Armenia is transferred under exploitation

Leaders of gas sector of Armenia:

1959–1990 — Tataryan Georgy

1997–2001 — Adonts Roland

2001–2010 — Karapetyan Karen

2010–2016 — Harutyunyan Vardan

2016–2023 — Tadevosyan Hrant