Comprehensive emergency response trainings conducted related to the passage of the spring flood

On March 15, comprehensive emergency response trainings were conducted at gas transmission system facilities of all 5 linear-operational branches (LOB) of Transgaz LLC (the subsidiary of Gazprom Armenia) related to the passage of the spring flood of 2023.

During the training, actions were processed to eliminate possible accidents on the linear part of the main gas transmission pipelines.
Unlike the other 4 branches, where the trainings were conducted without the departure of the emergency team, the trainings at Vanadzor LOB were organized with a general gathering and visit of the emergency team to the presumed accident site.

According to the scenario of the training on «Overflow of the support at the air crossing of the main gas transmission pipeline», the support of the air crossing at one of the sections of the Vanadzor-Gyumri gas pipeline Dc700mm was washed out by mudflows.

An emergency team of Vanadzor LOB was sent to localize and eliminate the consequences of the accident, equipped with relevant equipment, fixtures, materials and personal protection equipment.

During the training, the emergency team performed all the necessary actions related to the recovery work, in accordance with the Accident Response Action Plan (ARAP), observing the safety requirements.

The police patrol service and the Regional fire and rescue department of the Rescue service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Armenia also took part in the trainings.

After the completion of the training, a general meeting was held at the Vanadzor LOB, at which issues related to the organization and conduct of the training were discussed, their results were summarized and the implemented work was evaluated.

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