Message from Alexey Miller on 30th anniversary of Gazprom

Esteemed colleagues, dear friends,

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on the 30th anniversary of Gazprom!

Over the past years, we have done a tremendous work that makes all of us be rightfully proud of its results. Unique, hi-tech projects have been implemented. Hundreds of new fields and deposits have been discovered. New large-capacity production centers have been built in the Arctic, Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The geographical reach of our gas transmission system — the longest and the most reliable in the world — has been expanded. In this way, the Company has significantly strengthened the energy security of Russia. Alongside with that, we have also made a solid contribution to the country's social development. For instance, Gazprom has built advanced, world-class sports facilities across Russia to ensure that our children grow up healthy, strong and well-rounded.

Everything that we have created and continue creating will benefit Russian people for many decades to come, help them feel cozy at home in all kinds of weather, look into the future with confidence, and make their dreams come true.

Esteemed colleagues,

Gazprom is known around the world as an ambitious company. We set big goals for ourselves and always achieve the result; we do what others cannot do. These achievements are the result of contributions made by each employee of our team which comprises about half a million people.

Thank you for your tireless heroic work. Thank you for your high level of professionalism, loyalty to glorious traditions, and commitment to our common cause.

I would also like to express my special gratitude and offer my deep reverence to our veterans!

Dear friends,

Gazprom has many demanding projects to be implemented, which are important for our people and country. First and foremost, it is a complete technically possible gas grid expansion in Russia. There are no doubts that, as in previous years, all of the set objectives will be met by the Gazprom team to the highest expectations.

I wish you and your loved ones good health, happiness, a flourishing life, and all the best. Of course, I also wish new victories and achievements to all Gazprom employees!

Congratulations! Happy anniversary!
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