Students of educational-sport complex became winners of international competition

Students of Educational-Sport Complex of CJSC Gazprom Armenia achieved great results on the international competition of mental arithmetic.

Competition was organized being divided into corresponding groups — by age and complexity.

Rafael Mosvesyan, student of the 3rd grade, who studies at Educational-Sport Complex, received the title of Super Champion.

Super Champion Rafael Movsesyan

Super Champion Rafael Movsesyan

Rafael Movsesyan, Natali Aksyan, Gevorg Gyulkhasyan (left to right)

Rafael Movsesyan, Natali Aksyan, Gevorg Gyulkhasyan (left to right)

Students of the 1st and 2nd grades, Natali Aksyan and Gevorg Gyulkhasyan, took 1st and 3rd positions.


Mental arithmetic — is a unique system, which is used by children in order to solve in mind complicated arithmetic tasks faster, than when using calculator. At the same time, their attention is being developed, as well as photographic memory, creativity and reaction.

Main goals of the competition:

—popularization of mental arithmetic, education and motivation of children;

—identification of talented children and development of their skills.

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