First consumers connected to gas supply system in the town of Meghri

Gas distribution network operation works have already started in the Meghri community of the Syunik region. Since November 23, according to the applications received from the residents of Meghri the first consumers have been connected to the gas supply system and have been able to use natural gas.

Syunik Gasification and Gas supply Branch (GGB) of CJSC Gazprom Armenia has completed all the preparatory activities and carried out work on launching natural gas on Adelyan, Gortsaranayin, Andranik streets and in the Pokr Tagh district of Meghri.

Gazprom Armenia has created a new specialized subdivision in the structure of the Syunik GGB — Meghri Territorial Production and Operation Service in order to further operate the gas distribution network of the Meghri community, as well as to ensure reliable, safe and uninterrupted gas supply to consumers in the region. About 20 workplaces are provided for the proper functioning of the Service. Besides, the emergency dispatch service «1–04» will operate around the clock as part of the new subdivision.

Within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran on providing assistance to the development of the Republic of Iran by Iran, 90% of the town of Meghri and 10% of the town of Agarak were supplied with gas. Later, the Territorial Development Fund of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures of the Republic of Armenia continued and completed the gasification works of Meghri and Agarak towns and Lehvaz village was also supplied with gas.

Gas supply to Meghri town and Lehvaz village is carried out from a new gas distribution station built near Lehvaz and gas supply to Agarak town is carried out through the Agarak gas pressure reduction unit.

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