During nine month of 2019 Armenia received 1,678.4 million cubic meters of natural gas

Volume of gas imported in Armenia from January to September 2019, compared with the same period of the previous year, increased by 3.9%. It made 1,678.4 million cubic meters. During mentioned period 1,590.5 million cubic meters of gas was sold.

During mentioned nine month of 2019 the volume of gas consumed decreased by 18.3% in energy sector and 7.5% in industrial sector. It made 386.6 and 134.2 million cubic meters, respectively.

The volume of gas consumed by the population increased by 26.4% and by 27.8% — gas consumed by others. It made 460.6 and 180.8 million cubic meters, respectively.

Volume of gas consumed by gas filling stations increased by 7.6%. It made 428.2 million cubic meters.