The first graduates finished the Educational-Sport Complex School

On May 27, the last bell rang for the first graduates of the Educational — Sport Complex School of Gazprom Armenia. For the festive event on completion of studies, the graduates performed a beautiful, bright and at the same time cheerful performance, during which they expressed their gratitude to the teachers and said goodbye to their native school.

The Chairman of the Management Committee — General Director of CJSC Gazprom Armenia Hrant Tadevosyan congratulated the graduates for their successful completion of studies and graduation. The idea of creating such an educational institution was born five years ago. Here, one might say — there was nothing, there was only an idea and there was a desire. Gazprom Armenia successfully carries out its activities in the field of gas supply, energy and it was decided to start work in the field of education, since knowledge is the largest capital. Many issues and problems were solved, and as a result, our desire came true. The Educational — Sport Complex was built at a rather fast pace and the full functioning of the school was organized even faster. This is very important, because it is one thing to build a structure and it is another thing to give soul and breathe life into it,” Hrant Tadevosyan noted.

The Chairman of the Management Board — General Director of Gazprom Armenia emphasized that the Educational-Sport Complex, the school of which is distinguished by its high level and quality of education, occupies a special place not only in the Republic of Armenia, but also in the region as a whole.

Dear graduates, I want to emphasize once again that knowledge is the greatest capital. I know that you have acquired quite good knowledge and skills in our school. I also know that each of you has your own preferences. Move forward along the path you have chosen and be the best in your business. I want you to always keep in touch with the Educational —Sport Complex, and Gazprom Armenia is ready to support you in the future. I congratulate you, all of us, since today's event is a great success for us, noted Hrant Tadevosyan, wishing good luck to the graduates.

At the end of the festive event, the Chairman of the Management Committee — General Director of Gazprom Armenia Hrant Tadevosyan and the Director of the Educational — Sport Complex Aleksandr Grigoryan presented the graduates with silver badges of the Educational-Sport Complex and graduation albums.

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