24/7 Operation: Emergency Dispatch Service 1–04 Performs Responsible and Complicated Work

One of the priorities of CJSC Gazprom Armenia activity is ensuring reliable and safe gas supply to gas consumers. The Company has a 24/7 emergency dispatch service 1–04. The service specialists are ready to come to the rescue, promptly eliminate accidents or prevent emergencies at any time of the day, on holidays, weekends and working days. In case of gas smell, leakage, a number of other problems within gas consumption systems in multi-storey buildings, private houses, various organizations, public facilities, 1–04 service groups arrive at the call site in a short time.

According to the Head of the 1–04 Emergency Dispatch Service of the Yerevan Gas Supply and Gasification Branch of Gazprom Armenia Hamlet Manukyan — the work of emergency service specialists is responsible and at the same time difficult, since they often have to operate in traffic congested streets, and operational efficiency is an important factor in their work.

According to H. Manukyan, more than 400 calls are received daily on the telephone line 1–04, and the average number of visits per day is 50.

In Yerevan 6 groups of emergency services are on operational 24-hour duty, equipped with the necessary technical equipment, including electronic gas leakage detectors.

To prevent an emergency when, for example, there is a natural gas leakage in the apartment, emergency service dispatchers of 1–04 instruct the gas consumers how to act before the arrival of the emergency group. The emergency specialists of the group eliminate the leakage and malfunction of the in-house gas equipment on the spot or localize the problem, which is then settled by the relevant employees of the territorial production and operational services or specialists performing maintenance of in-house gas consumption systems.

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